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Home Movies: Can 11269: Detroit Family Scenes and Vacation

Home movies presumably shot by a Detroit, Michigan family in the mid-1950s, with scenes of family and home activities, point-of-view driving down Michigan Avenue towards downtown Detroit, a trip to Silver Lake and possibly to Holland, Michigan.

Run time 22 minutes 37 seconds
Audio/Visual silent, color


Reviewer: JSBejma - - September 29, 2012
Subject: A Michigan Melange
Houses in first part are I bet in Oakland Co; some of it maybe B'ham or Lathrup area and then I think some scenes from SW Detroit followed by drive up Michigan Ave. Love the plastic wrap left on the lampshade in the Christmas scene - we used to think that was classy. Notice houseload of people are visiting on Christmas and the TV set is NOT on. Never see that anymore.

The beach scenes seem to be Leelanau area, maybe, or possibly Ludington. Then of course the tulip festival in Holland.

I like the mix of scenery, neighborhoods and people. Keeps this long film interesting.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - May 30, 2012
Subject: Yay!
Not a bad home movie here, though it runs far too long. Full of people! Old ones! Young ones! We do get out of the house and go tobagganing, sightseeing, etc. My minds a blur at the moment after all of that.
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